Electro in the Air: The S

I have only been recently listening to this Italian duo, and I stumbled across their fairly new EP “Death & Rainbows”. If you are unfamiliar with this new duo, they have a hard dico sound. They usually are known for remixing tracks until now. These are one of the first original releases and they’re pretty good. If you like this then check out F.O.O.L in our previous post.

I really don’t have much to say both these tracks are fresh. I really want to know what people think of this duo. There sound isn’t entirely new, but it has a newer edge to sound incorporating disco and electro so fluently.

Download: Death & Rainbows by The S

Download: Underdog by The S


I heard a preview for this track a while back, and I knew it would be sick. If you haven’t been listening to Mord Fustang, then rethink what you’ve been doing the past couple months. Check out one of our recent post covering Mord Fustang. He has taken electro house in a different direction and I love it. Electro house has gotten so generic and similar recently, it is about time someone has changed up the game.

Download: Finally (Mord Fustang Remix) by Froidz


This first one is sick. It reminds me of slumdog when he wins all that money. Love this guy and his tunes. Tommy Trash. Winning.

Download: The End by Tommy Trash

Download: The End (Rob Pix Remix) by Tommy Trash

Download: Carry Me Home (Tommy Trash Remix) by Grant Smillie Ft. Zoe Badwi


This is a straight up banger. If you don’t like to get crunchy and move around, then fuck you. Lazerdisk Sex Party has had a couple good remixes like their “Selecta” remix, so check’em out. P.s Dowload through souncloud box.

Doctor P

You most likely have heard of Flux Pavilion, who became famous after he remixed DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust. Well, Doctor P is Flux’s parter in crime. Both grew up in the same town and went to the same high school in the United Kingdom. They both started making music when they were in high school, not knowing that the other person was doing this. Fast forward to the present time and you’ll find these two UK producers making some of the most popular Dubstep out today. Their most recent remix of DJ Fresh’s Louder has grown unsurmountable popularity. Doctor P has come out with plenty of hits, which I’m going to show to you today in this post.

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This is probably my favorite song of Doctor P with one of the greatest drops I have ever heard in a Dubstep song. The beginning of it sounds like it belongs in a fight scene of a Final Fantasy game, but it does not distract from the fact that this is a great tune:

Download: Love Goes Down by Doctor P

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P remixed DJ Fresh’s song Louder and turned it into an amazing Dubstep tune. Has been out for a couple months now and I still haven’t gotten tired of it:

Download: Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P remix) by DJ Fresh

This next song is what first got me interested in Doctor P. Bassnectar played this during his set at All Good in 2010 and was sure enough an ultimate force of Dubstep nature:

Download: Reasons (Doctor P remix) by 12th Planet

Check out some more of Doctor P’s songs below and I’m sure he will become one of your favorite artists. I can’t wait to see him live in the future:

Download: Last Ones Standing by Doctor P

Download: Lies (Doctor P remix) by Fenech-Soler

Download: Star (remix) by Doctor P

Download: Sweet Shop by Doctor P

Download: Big Boss by Doctor P

Bonus Video:

New Buzz: Red Hot Chili Peppers

I know this is mainly an Electronic blog, but I just had to. Besides who doesn’t like the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Thats like saying you don’t like freedom and I hope I’m not talking to a bunch of terrorists. The band’s new album, titled “I’m With You,” is out on August 30th and will be the first album since bassist John Frusciante left. But don’t worry, they have a new bassist, Josh Klinghoffer, who is helping write most of the songs. I’m hoping that the new RHCP album will be just as good as their last album Stadium Arcadium. Below I have their first song from the album titled The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, you can check out the rest of the track names and other information at this Rolling Stones article:

Download: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bonus: Murderers by John Frusciante

Work Hard, Play Hard: Remixes

This is a quick post for Tiesto’s new original and remix for “Work Hard, Play Hard”. I have been waiting to find a DL for the Autoerotique remix ever since Tiesto dropped this at Ultra 2011. Luckily it just got released today and that means FREEE DL. Check it out.

I’m posting this remix first because thats basically why I made this post. I’m sorry I can’t really describe why I love this song so much. It’s one of those songs you hear live and it just creates an awesome experience for you.

Download: Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoerotique Remix) by Tiesto ft. Kay


This is the original and I’m not a huge fan, but you may so check it out.

Download: Work Hard, Play Hard by Tiesto ft. Kay


First up is a new Dubstep song by both Diplo and Datsik called Pick Your Poison. Recently, Diplo has come out with some pretty dirty Dubstep tracks and his collaboration with Datsik is even better because he knows how to incorporate the grimy bass lines without making it sound too ridiculous:

Download: Pick Your Poison by Diplo & Datsik

Benny Benassi first got into Dubstep when Skrillex remixed his song Cinema and even went as far as to say that Skrillex’s remix was better than the original. This song is a live rip of Benassi’s transition into the genre from one of his sets:

Download: Limit to Your Love (Benny Benassi remix) by James Blake

I have been obsessed with these next three tracks for quite some time, take a listen and you’ll soon find yourself playing these repetitively:

Download: The Love I Need by OOAH

Download: Sun of a Gun (Jacob Plant remix) by Oh Land

Download: Sergeant Smash (Roksonix remix) by Talay Riley

Michael Woods

Michael Woods is a fovorite of mine for incorporating his old school house sound, and incorporating it in a progressive manner. Recently a couple of his songs sound completely different and I’m digging it. My favorite releases by Michael Woods over the past two years are Bullet, VMS, No Access, Nitro, Dominos, a couple remixes, and so many more. He has produced so many tracks recently, and by the looks of it he’s not stopping. If you like the songs I post, then you must check him out.

My buddy down at NoiseCandy posted this first, but it is just two good not to post twice.This is brand new Michael Woods and it is awesome.

Download: Bullet by Michael Woods


I am really digging this mix by Michael Woods. The remix is of Calvin Harris’ 2011 hit “Bounce”.

Download: Bounce (Michael Woods Remix) by Calvin Harris


Nice progressive tune here.

Download: VMS by Michael Woods

If you liked the original check out the Diffused edit out released on Michael Woods label a couple days ago.


Very popular song. It sounds a lot like Deadmau5, but I like what he did with it.

Download: First Aid by Michael Woods


Sick original here. This song got me fucking moving at EDC.

Download: No Access by Michael Woods


Great remix here. I have been digging a lot Moguai’s productions lately. I’ll be sure to post my favorites very soon.

Download: Oyster (Michael Woods Remix) by Moguai


Nice progressive summer track

Download: Nitro by Michael Woods