Electro in the Air: The S

I have only been recently listening to this Italian duo, and I stumbled across their fairly new EP “Death & Rainbows”. If you are unfamiliar with this new duo, they have a hard dico sound. They usually are known for remixing tracks until now. These are one of the first original releases and they’re pretty good. If you like this then check out F.O.O.L in our previous post.

I really don’t have much to say both these tracks are fresh. I really want to know what people think of this duo. There sound isn’t entirely new, but it has a newer edge to sound incorporating disco and electro so fluently.

Download: Death & Rainbows by The S

Download: Underdog by The S


I heard a preview for this track a while back, and I knew it would be sick. If you haven’t been listening to Mord Fustang, then rethink what you’ve been doing the past couple months. Check out one of our recent post covering Mord Fustang. He has taken electro house in a different direction and I love it. Electro house has gotten so generic and similar recently, it is about time someone has changed up the game.

Download: Finally (Mord Fustang Remix) by Froidz


This first one is sick. It reminds me of slumdog when he wins all that money. Love this guy and his tunes. Tommy Trash. Winning.

Download: The End by Tommy Trash

Download: The End (Rob Pix Remix) by Tommy Trash

Download: Carry Me Home (Tommy Trash Remix) by Grant Smillie Ft. Zoe Badwi


This is a straight up banger. If you don’t like to get crunchy and move around, then fuck you. Lazerdisk Sex Party has had a couple good remixes like their “Selecta” remix, so check’em out. P.s Dowload through souncloud box.

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