Doctor P

You most likely have heard of Flux Pavilion, who became famous after he remixed DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust. Well, Doctor P is Flux’s parter in crime. Both grew up in the same town and went to the same high school in the United Kingdom. They both started making music when they were in high school, not knowing that the other person was doing this. Fast forward to the present time and you’ll find these two UK producers making some of the most popular Dubstep out today. Their most recent remix of DJ Fresh’s Louder has grown unsurmountable popularity. Doctor P has come out with plenty of hits, which I’m going to show to you today in this post.

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This is probably my favorite song of Doctor P with one of the greatest drops I have ever heard in a Dubstep song. The beginning of it sounds like it belongs in a fight scene of a Final Fantasy game, but it does not distract from the fact that this is a great tune:

Download: Love Goes Down by Doctor P

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P remixed DJ Fresh’s song Louder and turned it into an amazing Dubstep tune. Has been out for a couple months now and I still haven’t gotten tired of it:

Download: Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P remix) by DJ Fresh

This next song is what first got me interested in Doctor P. Bassnectar played this during his set at All Good in 2010 and was sure enough an ultimate force of Dubstep nature:

Download: Reasons (Doctor P remix) by 12th Planet

Check out some more of Doctor P’s songs below and I’m sure he will become one of your favorite artists. I can’t wait to see him live in the future:

Download: Last Ones Standing by Doctor P

Download: Lies (Doctor P remix) by Fenech-Soler

Download: Star (remix) by Doctor P

Download: Sweet Shop by Doctor P

Download: Big Boss by Doctor P

Bonus Video:

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