First up is a new Dubstep song by both Diplo and Datsik called Pick Your Poison. Recently, Diplo has come out with some pretty dirty Dubstep tracks and his collaboration with Datsik is even better because he knows how to incorporate the grimy bass lines without making it sound too ridiculous:

Download: Pick Your Poison by Diplo & Datsik

Benny Benassi first got into Dubstep when Skrillex remixed his song Cinema and even went as far as to say that Skrillex’s remix was better than the original. This song is a live rip of Benassi’s transition into the genre from one of his sets:

Download: Limit to Your Love (Benny Benassi remix) by James Blake

I have been obsessed with these next three tracks for quite some time, take a listen and you’ll soon find yourself playing these repetitively:

Download: The Love I Need by OOAH

Download: Sun of a Gun (Jacob Plant remix) by Oh Land

Download: Sergeant Smash (Roksonix remix) by Talay Riley

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