Michael Woods

Michael Woods is a fovorite of mine for incorporating his old school house sound, and incorporating it in a progressive manner. Recently a couple of his songs sound completely different and I’m digging it. My favorite releases by Michael Woods over the past two years are Bullet, VMS, No Access, Nitro, Dominos, a couple remixes, and so many more. He has produced so many tracks recently, and by the looks of it he’s not stopping. If you like the songs I post, then you must check him out.

My buddy down at NoiseCandy posted this first, but it is just two good not to post twice.This is brand new Michael Woods and it is awesome.

Download: Bullet by Michael Woods


I am really digging this mix by Michael Woods. The remix is of Calvin Harris’ 2011 hit “Bounce”.

Download: Bounce (Michael Woods Remix) by Calvin Harris


Nice progressive tune here.

Download: VMS by Michael Woods

If you liked the original check out the Diffused edit out released on Michael Woods label a couple days ago.


Very popular song. It sounds a lot like Deadmau5, but I like what he did with it.

Download: First Aid by Michael Woods


Sick original here. This song got me fucking moving at EDC.

Download: No Access by Michael Woods


Great remix here. I have been digging a lot Moguai’s productions lately. I’ll be sure to post my favorites very soon.

Download: Oyster (Michael Woods Remix) by Moguai


Nice progressive summer track

Download: Nitro by Michael Woods

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