Electro in the Air

The picture above has to be one of the most epic times I have ever had. This is from EDC Orlando right after the the lightning delay, which was the largest lightning storm I have ever seen outside while surrounded by metal. It happened during Gabriel & Dresden and they recommenced with the most epic song ever, “Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dj Snake & Dj Mercer Mix)” by Nirvana. Once the delay was over it wasn’t like everyone walked back to their respectful spots, it was a dead on sprint of sliding shenanigans in the pouring rain. By far one of the most incredible experiences I will ever have.

Here is that most amazing tune.

Download: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dj Snake & Dj Mercer Club Mix) by Nirvana


If you like your electro hard then I got what you need right here

Download: Fortune by F.O.O.L

F.O.O.L’s souncloud


Love this song. It just makes me want to do hoodrat shit with my friends.

Download: Arabient (T&F Project Remix) by GeRich & Dirty Bass Project


These People are probably my absolute favorite electro artists, Kids at the Bar. I don’t care what anyone has to say but if you saw these crazy cats live, then they would blow you away. They have so many free tracks so go check them out at Soundcloud.The first track is a great party song. P.S the original track of the second song, Cry (Just a Little) by Bingo Players, is a masterpiece.

Download: Cum on Feel the Noise (Kids at the Bar Remix) by Quiet Riot

Download: Cry(Just a Little)(Kids at the Bar bootleg) by Bingo Players

Download: Animal Rights (Kids at the Bar EDIT) by Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner

Download: Corridor (Kids at the Bar Remix) by Glasnost

Download: Pickled Beets (Kids at the Bar Remix) by Crystal Vision

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