Progressive Overload

Recently I had a mishap with the law that has made me look at life in a completely different way. I was there sitting on a slab of concrete yearning for another chance to see the light of day, and frankly some other place that didn’t smell like piss. I looked back on all the things I might never see again. Then I thought I might not never get to hear a progressive chune to soothe my restless soul. So I vowed at that moment that I will never interfere life and music again and devote myself to serving the public with awesome progressive tuneage. Sit back relax here comes the boom.

Starting off with my favorite vocal Prog/trance tune of the summer. Purely soul soothing vocals. P.s this has nothing to do with skrillex or nero.

Download: Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Remix) by Andain


This is a gem and I mean it. This is one of those songs you can’t take a chance to pass up because it isn’t viral but it is amazing. The girls vocals are world class quality and only parallels the excellence of the progressive build. I don’t know much about Clokx but the tracks I’ve heard are amazing.

Download: Catch Your Fall (Extended Mix) by Clokx

This is a recently popular remix of “Catch Your Fall”, however I am a true fan of the original

Download: Catch Your Fall (Hardwell Club Mix) by Clokx

Download: Pressure (Clokx Remix) by Nadia Ali & Starkillers


Finally I end with something mystical, or at least thats what these songs have me thinking when I hear them.

Download: Loreley by Kolsch

Download: Another World by The Chemical Brothers

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