That Dankity-Dank: Video’s

Instead of giving you guys some dank tunes, I have decided to show several dankity-dank videos I’ve seen lately.

I randomly found this video while looking for the official video after Skrillex had disassociated himself from it due to the video’s difference in style. This is not the official video, but I would be willing to bet Skrillex would rather this be the official video. It is so well made in stop motion and they created such vivid images.


Cinema (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi


Sweetest glowstick/art video I have ever seen. Literally thousands of glowsticks are blended up in this sweet vid.


Etiene de Cercy at Matter, London. I’ve never seen the French electro legend, but after watching this I know it would be one of the coolest sets I will ever see.


If no one has seen Tommy Lee recently, then HOLY SHIT! He has his drum set on a circular roller coaster and goes upside down. He even has solos upside down. Check out this video it really makes you start to appreciate the show aspect of EDM.


BONUS Throwback

A life changing moment for me, and my feelings towards music, has to be at all good. More specifically during Bassnectar. This was my first big show of any type and it was so amazing it changed my life direction towards music. I love music now and I have the artists to thank. Heres a tribute to the amazing artists and that amazing Bassnectar show, which may go down as one of the best in history.

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