Hello dubstep fans. Today I have the perfect dose of massiveness. I hope you enjoy these tunes.

New Dillon Francis and it isn’t moombahton. Check it out, I really am digging his work right now nothing is stopping him. Watch out for this guy. Hit the down arrow to download.


I know most people haven’t heard of Secret Panda Society because honestly I barely know who they/it is, however I do know that “it” makes some sick tunes. They do remixes of rappers from Big L to Yelawolf to Lil’ Wayne.Check out their soundcloud it is filled with fresh tracks.

Download: White Wing Dove (Secret Panda Society Remix) by Stevie Nicks

A Milli (Secret Panda Society) by Lil’ Wanye. Download through soundcloud


Another relatively unknown artist but this tune is large…

Download: Choose Me II by Xilent


It brings me a lot of joy to post about one of my favorite trios in the business, PeaceTreaty. They rock out regardless what genre and today they happen to be rockin’ out with the dubstep. Also the second tune is my favorite dubstep remix of PeaceTreaty’s original, “Change”.

Download: Wonderland (Peace Treaty Dubstep Remix) by Natalia Kills

Download: Change (Flinch Remix) by PeaceTreaty

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