Electro in the Air

You all know the dealio by now…Actually probably not so here it is, this is The Hive’s electro post called “Electro in the Air”. We are The Hive, QC’s finest, here to provide everyone with the proper dosage of electro ecstasy. You ready?

Let’s start off hard with this awesome banger Get Up by Nymz. This shit will get you moving guaranteed. P.s Download is the down arrow located on the right side of the soundcloud box.

Download: Get Up by Nymz


Here’s a preview of R3habs brand new remix of “Dance Without You” by Skylar Grey. Also check out his new track that he created with Swanky Tunes, “Sending My Love”.

Dance Without You (R3hab Remix) by Skyler Grey

Sending My Love by R3hab & Swanky Tunes


I first heard this remix of Britney Spear’s “Till the World Ends” at EDC. Tiesto tore that that place up. He dropped this first track and I straight up lost my marbles.

Download: Till the World Ends (Les Bros Bootleg) by Britney Spears

Download: Rock The by Les Bros

Download: Mario Bros Anthem by Les Bros

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