Here are a couple songs for you Dubbers to get through the next couple of days. Take a gander at some old and new Dubstep, check back tomorrow for an ultra-super-mega-banger weekend playlist:

Nero somehow managed to remix Calvin Harris’ unreleased track Feel So Close and turn it into an amazing track. Take a look at Nero’s Dubstep Symphony below the post and you’ll realize why he is so talented:

Unreleased Original: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

Download: Feel So Close (Nero remix) by Calvin Harris

Great vocals combined with an awesome drop make this a great song:

Original: Here Tonight (remix) by Christian the Lion & Glitchdick

This Belgium superstar created an awesome remix of Rusko’s Everyday, which is perfect for any drive on a sunny day:

Original: Everyday (Netsky remix) by Rusko

Adventure Club has been coming out with amazing track after track. It all started when they made a remix of Brittany Spear’s Till the World Ends and actually got people to start listening to her again. I can’t wait to get some more goodies from these guys:

Original: Crave You (Adventure Club remix) by Flight Facilities

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