Progressive Overload

Today I’m going to be giving you guys some of my favorite progressive songs that are all summer ready. Most may be from artists you don’t know but believe me they will range from summer chill to midnight banger. If you are new to progressive music, then one word of advice listen to the whole song before judging it. Progressive music is called progressive for a reason. As one of my good friends Coleman always says,”Progrssive music is like telling a story.” It is a steady slow build to an epic climatic part different than most drops in EDM. Now enjoy some tuneage.

Lets start with something a little familiar from one of my favorite artist Wolfgang Gartner. If you haven’t heard this amazing remix by Wolfgang Gartner then your welcome.

Download: I Will Be There (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) by Tiesto


This is a perfect example of a song that just builds and builds until finally you understand why you kept on listening. I promise this song delivers. It definitely has a slower build than usual, but this is the perfect summer track for sitting by the pool drinking a beer and wondering why life is so amazing right now. If you don’t have the patience, then I suggest you skip to 4:30 and you’ll see what I was talking about.

Download: If I Could (Audien Remix) by Nickey


Another perfect summer jam to a familiar tune remixed by an unfamiliar name Alton Square. Nice chill progressive.

P.S. Dowload through soundcloud (click the down arrow on the far right of the soundcloud player).

Walking on a Dream (Alton Square Remix) by Empire of the Sun


This next song is more of a banger that plays at midnight that keeps everyone jumping up and down. Most probably haven’t heard of 3rd Planet but this song will make you want to hear more and more.

Download: Freedom by 3rd Planet


This next young magic maker is about to have his best year yet. He has already received support from Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Sydney Samson, and Dada Life for his new single “Synthomaniac”. Gaining such support is an amazing feat for any producer, let alone a producer at such a young age. The song I am about to show you is his remix of Feel It by Ferry Corsten, whom we’ll post about in the future. It is the best remix I have heard of this amazing progressive track. Jacob van Hage takes it to another level including an electro type drop that makes you keep listening over and over. Also this mix was even put in Ferry’s weekly podcast “Corsten’s Countdown” (episode 206).

Download: Feel It(Jacob van Hage Remix) by Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten’s original Feel It is an epic track. I really don’t need to save much other than download this track. Absolutely amazing.

Download: Feel It(Original Mix) by Ferry Corsten

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